quarta-feira, 2 de julho de 2008

Time, freedom, fun

I wrote the title, I took a little to start writing because I was to solve some issues, now re-read and put me to thinking ... was not on purpose but ...

"do you...?"
Answer: "yes, I go! Consider pending situation"


offtopic: I found the greatest forum for free house music, huge! I could spend days and days to click and download thousands of songs. My god, so many mp3!!!! ihihihihihihi

This week will be fun...I hope

EDIT, tarot, 2 Jul:
"You are more hopeful that things will turn out in your favor, now that the unrealized potential of the summer becomes more concrete. What was only a dream a few weeks ago has already begun to take form. The danger comes from trying to force someone's hand. Playing it cool allows a situation to stabilize before increasing the stakes and taking it to the next level."

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